To Choose Good

How to make a choice that is morally good?


In everyday life, as spouses, parents, sons/daughters, workers, students, citizens… we need to choose. Our choices affect not only us, but also the people close to us. They are personal choices. And they entail responsibility. Everything we do has a consequence. There is no choice -not even small- that does not carry on some degree of responsibility.

What does our Catholic faith teach us about choices? Do we have a moral code? Is there a way we can know if what we are doing / thinking / omitting is good or not?

The answer is yes!

How? Well… here comes the tricky part. We have to be formed. Spiritually formed. We give a lot of importance to academic formation, having a good education, but what about the formation of our souls? Our lives are very important and we need to have spiritual formation in order to apply that knowledge to our daily decisions. It is very important that we nurture good consciences so that we can make good choices. It sounds easy, and it is, if we are committed to knowing our faith so that we are sure we are not on the wrong path. It is impressive but many people out there have no clue about what is right and what is wrong. In our society today many things seem to be relative: not good and not bad, it just depends on our point of view. This does not sound right. Good things and bad things are good and bad, whether we like it or not.

To make good choices, we need to follow the Truth. And the Truth has a name: Jesus Christ. He said “I am way, the truth and the life”. So the bottom line is, something is good not because I think it is good, or I have a good intention, but because it does not oppose Christ. Thus, my conscience needs to be aligned with His Truth, so that my decisions are morally good.